One heart rate monitor (HRM) strap for your training and recovery needs.

Best for:

  • Compatible with smart phones (Bluetooth Smart) and Garmin devices (ANT+)
  • Use with ithlete to measure morning HRV
  • Use during exercise with any iOS or Android app and your Garmin simultaneously

ithlete HRV Chest Monitor

SKU: H003
Color: Black
  • Description

    The Cardiosport TP3D is a premium heart rate monitor is the perfect HRM strap to compliment the ithlete app.


    Features & Benefits

    • Connects via Bluetooth Smart and ANT+
    • Compatible with iOS, Android and Garmin devices
    • Superior performance
    • Super light weight (10g weight reduction)
    • Excellent range of 10m (30ft)+
    • Water resistant to 30m
    • Fantastic battery life


    One heart rate monitor for all your training and recovery needs!

    The Cardiosport TP3D transmits heart rate data via both Bluetooth Smart and ANT+. This ensures it will work seamlessly with all HRM apps on your iOS or Android and with your Garmin devices. This means you can use it to take your morning ithlete measurement and to monitor heart rate during workouts.


    Great for ithlete

    In order to measure heart rate variability a chest strap monitor must transmit RR intervals. The Cardiosport TP3D model was designed with this in mind and provides ECG accurate information which is why we recommend this model to ithlete users.


    Great Range and Perfect for Precision Pulse

    The strap has a range of 10m (30ft) or more. Additionally, the digital connection does not suffer from interference problems which have plagued heart rate monitor straps in the past. This makes it the ideal HRM strap for using during exercise to connect to devices like Garmin, or apps like Strava.


    Extensive battery life

    Boasting in excess of 900 hours battery life the Cardiosport TP3D will last 3 or 4 times longer than its competitors. With average use (up to 1½ hours per day) the battery will last between 18 and 24 months. After this time the battery can be replaced easily by the user.


    High quality design

    This ultra-light weight HRM has a high quality soft strap is both comfortable and flexible without compromising connectivity. The electronic module is also removable leaving the strap itself suitable for washing.



    The Cardiosport TP3D is compatible with:

    • iOS or Android devices supporting Bluetooth Smart
    • Garmin


    Please Note

    • Transmitting data via Bluetooth Smart there is no need for an ECG receiver when using this HRM strap.