Using the same science as hospital pulse monitors, the ithlete Finger sensor is the most convenient way to measure heart rate variability.

Best for:

  • All iPhone and iPad models running iOS8 or later. For iPhone 7, 8, X use Lightning headphone adapter supplied in iPhone box
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 or later

ithlete HRV Finger Sensor

SKU: H002
  • Description

    The ithlete Finger Sensor is the most convenient way to measure heart rate variability.


    Ergonomic Design

    The redesigned ithlete Finger Sensor brings a more ergonomic design and comfortable fit. We have added shielding from external light and increased sensitivity. Combined with a more robust build this sensor will work more easily, for more people, and for longer.



    • Simplicity & convenience of measurement
    • Durable and portable the ithlete Finger Sensor is perfect for travel
    • No battery required
    • High quality design
    • Scientifically validated
    • Universal to any device with a headset jack, or newer iPhone with adaptor


    How to use the ithlete Finger Sensor

    Simply place the sensor on your finger each morning, plug in to the headset jack of your device. Then open the ithlete app, select take a reading and follow the 1 minute paced breathing measurement.


    How does the ithlete Finger Sensor work?

    The ithlete finger sensor monitors HRV in the same way as the pulse monitors often seen in hospital emergency departments. An infra-red light is sent through the tip of the finger with a sensor on the other side which measures changes in the amount of light received. As the heart beats blood is sent around the body, with each beat the blood density is the finger changes and it is these changes that are recorded by the finger sensor.

    As with all ithlete heart rate variability measurements this information is processed to present you with a daily HRV number and personalised training recommendations.



    • iOS v7.1 or later: iPhone 4,5,6 & iPhone 7,8,X (using Apple supplied Lightning adaptor)
      iPad & iPad Mini
      iPod Touch 5th Gen.
    • Android v4.3 or later: Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, Tablet,
      HTC One


    Please Note

    The ithlete finger sensor has been tested on hundreds of people, and works fine in the vast majority of cases. However people with poor circulation in their fingers, low blood pressure, or who are wearing thick nail varnish may experience problems and are advised to choose another sensor type, such as a chest strap. We also don’t recommend the ithlete finger sensor for children, due to the small size of their fingers.


    The ithlete Finger Sensor is designed specifically for use with the ithlete HRV app and is not compatible with any other apps at this time.