We are OHP,

we help individuals and teams thrive in uncertain times

We developed the Optimal Human Performance concept to enable individuals and organisations to not just survive but thrive in today’s world, preparing people to be resilient to take on the challenges of the future.  


We help leaders optimise their organisation’s “human capability” by taking a holistic and balanced approach to sustainable performance enhancement by considering the totality of factors that influence physical and psychological performance.  


Our approach has evolved from work we’ve done with a range of elite performers, including the Special Forces, elite sportspeople, record-breaking explorers, and many of Silicon Valley’s highly influential leaders.  


We use innovative techniques that enable people to learn faster, be more resilient, and perform at ever higher levels. We believe that almost anything is possible with the right mindset and support. 

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Endurance Nutrition

We have formulated a range of performance-enhancing, nourishing, energy-dense, convenient, and delicious foods and drinks that support the biological needs of people testing the limits of human endurance. These products are able to withstand extreme environments for weeks on end and have been used during World Record-breaking performances.